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How To Hillbilly Hand Fishing The Right Way

Hillbilly Hand fishing

Are you a lover of adventure and you like trying out some new or daring stuff,why not test your courage and sense of adventure in hillbilly hand fishing.A least it is a break from the normal fishing rod,dorky fish traps,packs with baits and you are sure ready for a real adventure.

If you interested in hand fishing or the noodling per se,you need to take the following steps;

1. Ensure that noodling is legal in your state.This might be a sort of handicap but it worth checking out if it a legal thing to do noodling in your state.for states like Kentucky,Louisiana,Mississippi,Oklahoma,Alabama,Georgia to mention a few,it is legal to do noodling.

2.Make sure you are prepare for it.That is you need to have all the things you need ready.the lists of things you should have are:
*A flat-bottomed john boat that is resistant to easy tip.They come in wood or aluminum material and have some flat seats in them
  • *Have a tight fitting leather gloves to protect your hands as much as possible form the teeth of the fish.
  • *Put on some old ragged clothes but not the heavy type because of water logging.
  • * A pair of old canvas sneakers for your feet this is because they might get bitten by the fish.
  • * Along stick you can use to poke the river or stream bottom to check for holes.
  • * Have a few sandbags or rocks in order to block off escape routes for the catfish once you discovered their nesting location.
  • * Rope for your spotters to thread your catch as soon as you throw into the boat.
  • * Have a first aid kits

However,hillbillies don't need all these stuff,a friend by their side will suffice.

3. Locate the right place where it is shallow.if the water reaches over your head,it is almost impossible to get the fish out of its nest and you could drown if not careful about it.

4.Ten it time you dip yourself into the water and start looking for holes. catfish are clever creatures that make their nest in safe places.they do this during the spawning season,that is around the spring and summer time when the temp is about 70 degree Fahrenheit.At this temp, you are likely to catch the catfish in their can find them inside submerged logs,fallen trees and under rocks.

5.As soon as you locate the right spot,you will have to block off any possible route of escape using rocks or sandbags or your noodling friends.

6. First test the hole by poking it with stick.If you are an expert in noodling,you can feel the difference between a catfish,snake or turtle.I'm sure you wouldn't want to grab these other two because they might bite your finger off in one chomp and the snake bit might be really dangerous.

7.If you sense it is a catfish,then jam your hand inside the hole.You can either do this by putting your head under the water or you may take a deep breath and submerge yourself.Now wiggle your fingers,play the dummy as a bait and let the catfish have a good bite on your hand.

Some catfish will instantly clam on your whole arm while others might just nip at it.if the fish don't clench your hand,then pull one its mouth to get a good wiggle your fingers to work into the fish's gill cover.

8.Now that you got it,drag the fish to the water this stage your noodling friends come in.It may be difficult to drag an 80 pound sea creature out of water when you have no one to help out as you could drown doing this yourself.

9. you may just release the fish after the tussle of catching might show your sensitive side by allowing the catfish go back to its eggs as they might not yet be developed and hatch without their releasing you give them the chance to live mate and reproduce.

10.You are the have just proven that you are a real hillbilly hand fisher.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Top 2 Strategic Guides For WOW Fishing

The paramount goal of everyone who love the WOW fishing is to be level fast or go a bit slower in order to make more gold.Whichever way you play the game as long as you know where to go to do the best fishing,it is just right for both leveling and making gold.This WOW fishing guide is will show you how to level up right to 225 artisan.

One can not really say how long your leveling may be before you make gold but just know it will take you a few extra hours.In addition,cooked fish do sell for more gold so you might consider that as the cooking profession complement the fishing profession. It is advisable you train for both simultaneously.

The WOW fishing guide is for those who are the journeymen.

For the master WOW fishing,you will have to travel to one of the three oases at the order to get to this master level you would have be at 75 as a journeyman.At this skill level,you can catch less junk and more fish.You should look out for Deviate fish at this stage. Using the shiny Bauble lure is great until you get to level 75.this enables you catch less junk.

At the Barrens level,there are 2 fishing strategies you can employ.You first fish in the Wailing Caverns.There are about 30% Deviate fish here and you have to be at level faster because you won't have to move around.It is a place for good cover for Alliance players who will need to be very careful since you are in Horde territory.

The second strategy will enable you catch 80% Deviate fish instead of the 30% using the first strategy.This will make you more gold.You can employ this strategy by fishing in one of the oases.The disadvantage though is that it will take almost twice as long to level because you will have to move around.

The Expert and Artisan level.

For you to reach the Expert level which is 125-150 or the Artisan which is 200-225,you will need the help pf a fishing trainer.You then have to leave the Barren for the Stranglethorn Vale if you are an Alliance player. Get Myizz Luckycatch as trainer in Booty Bay. If you are playing Horde,you will need to move to the southern coast of Durotar and get Lau'tiki as trainer right at the Durotar southern coast.Mind you, you can use the same trainer as the Alliance but the one in Durotar is closer.

Reaching the Grand Master level is beyond the scope of this piece but you may find some good guides that has maps to the best fishing spots.

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Fly Fishing Forums You Should Be Part of.

Though there may be people who may not like fly fishing,but there is a high number of people who enjoy fly fishing. Fro the records,there are are more than 48000 people who like fishing as sport and many more take it as their no 1 recreational activity.In a recent survey from a popular website i follow,there was this questions raised that is there more people that watch football than fishing and many people concur that in the US,more people love the fly fishing sport more than,it is popular game that can't be ignored.

Thre are diverse kind of websites and forums you can find online and join to be part of those who enjoy the fishing sport.This fly fishing forum allow you to learn about all sorts of different tips,tricks and advises from expert about fly fishing.

These fly fishing forums also have sub-forums that includes other types of fishes like bass,crappie,sand bass,walleye,hybrids ,cat fish and many different kinds.You also get to know about different kind of fishing like salt water fishing and fly fishing.

In additional,they provides information in articles,videos and fishing reports.These fly fishing forums do have all you need if you enjoy the fly fishing sport or as a hobby.

I this fly fishing forums,you sign up and have an account where you can interact with other people in the community.You get to make like minded friends and know where to have a good time fishing around the country.As this will help you if you have plan s to travel and have a nice time fly fishing.

Having become part of the forum,you can start a discussion by making a thread and talk about want you like to share with the community. Some of them are:

There are many fly fishing forum online you can join only takes your patience and you surfing the web as you will eventually find the ones you like.Mind you that you shouldn't just join and then be done with it. See that you are an active participant in the forum.

Learn,share and have fun in the fly fishing forum you eventually join.

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How To Decorate Fishing Christmas Ornaments Using Fishing Line

This Christmas if you are looking for Christmas fishing ornaments that will add more color to the excitement of the season,Fishing Ornaments Personalized for Christmas or Wall Decor might just be what you should buy.

You can use this to decorate your home this holiday in a different places.You can suspend then from a rod over a long dinning room table,cluster them under a chandelier or let to dangle in front of a winter window to reflect natural light.if you hang it on fishing line,the ornaments do seems as if it is floating in the air.

How to Set up Your Christmas fishing ornaments

1.You buy a fishing line that has a high knot strength.A 30 pound line is okay a slong as it has low stretch that do support the ornaments.

2.You should decide if you would be hanging all the ornaments at the same height or different heights as well how its size will be.decide as well if you will be hanging the Christmas fishing ornaments directly from individual hooks,from an existing light fixture or shelf or install a separate grid or bar.

3.Mount the hook to hang the fishing ornaments.if the hanging will be for individual ornaments from under the shelf side in front of a window or directly from the ceiling,using a small cup hook will give the right support.If it is from a bar or grid above a table or buffet,make the position at the right number of hooks to suspend the weight of the bar or grid.Hang the bar or grid from the hooks,using the proper hardware.You can use chains to suspend from the ceiling.

4.Ensure you know the distance from the hook or grid to where you want each fishing Christmas ornaments to hang.Make each measurement twice and add three inches and cut fishing lines.By cutting the lines,this makes it easy to place the ornaments if you cut in the shortest length depending on the amount you need.Then hang them and go to the next one.

5.Thread the cut length of fishing line through the loop at the top of the ornament and pull through to the center of the line.Do tie a tight double knot to make the line to the ornament firm.

6.If you are hanging the Christmas fishing ornaments from a hook,tie the two ends of the line together measuring about 3 inches from the ends.then tie the knots.Add a drop of glue to keep it firm.

If you want to hang from a chandelier,bar or grid,wrap the both ends of the fishing line around the ornaments and tie them together.tie the second knot and add some glue to keep it firm.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Bass Fishing-Sure Tips For Fishing In Winter

If you are an expert angler and a success in the trade,you would have caught many fishes in the spring and summer time.Now is the time to venture into fishing in the winter period.You will have to know the spot to choose and where you can get fishes waiting to be caught.How about picking your spot and casting your line and wait for it to get a tantalizing bass fish,yet you caught nothing. At the end of the day, you go home sad and upset all because you never know how to do bass fishing in winter.

The big mouth or call it the large mouth bass do go through tow major changes in the winter:
  • Epilimniom
  • Metabolism

The epiliniom is the depth which the bass wiggle around at five feet deep in the spring and summer times.When the weather get cold,it goes deeper 10 feet or more.The bass wiggle around at 10n feet and near any edifice they can find.this is because at this time it needs a suitable medium of oxygen and warmth and this it can get at 10 feet deep.

For metabolism,the largemouth bass changes in metabolic condition.When the water get cold,the fish becomes lethargic and will not be able to travel for in search for food in this condition.So,it then stays at a particular place for a long time and soon get used to that environment.Consequently,the fishing method changes. your casting movement as to be slow as being quick will alarm him and the bass fish wouldn't get near the bait.

Also,you need to change the lure method too.You will have to use soft plastic lures or jig-style smoke-don't use neon colors though.Winter is a dull and gray as well as the food source. so,here are tips of what you have to do in winter when bass fishing:


  • They are found at a 10 deep in the water
  • Use slow retrieval method
  • Make use of non neon soft plastic lures
  • make use of jig-style rig or split shot style
  • Fishing at warmer times can help the are at which the fish get near the bait.

It is noteworthy that there are very different ways of fishing from the spring and summer you enjoyed thoroughly. You should know that fishes survive near freezing temperature in all rivers or lakes in winter.Their hovering at 10 feet deep make it easier to catch and if sustained,you then make sure that the lure seems to be floating idly.Don't be too quick as the largemouth bass will not go after any bait at that pace.This is because it will require much energy it doesn't have at that time.

Keep this tips because they are just valuable winter bass fishing tips that would help you have a great fishing time during the elusive winter months.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Basic Carp Fishing Pointers

It could be frustrating carp fishing but is the more interesting.Carp are such a fish that knows how to suck in and blow out suspicious baits.You get excited to see how in a split second as you hang for dear life while the reel trembles with a loud noise.

Carp is good at eating voraciously on the surface as long as you keep the pellets,biscuits,chic peas,bread and re-hydrated corn dangling before them.These baits are not expensive to get at all.You have to attached them to the hooks especially the bread.Let the biscuits be softened by dipping it in water at least 2 minutes then you put them in a sealed sandwich bag for at least one hour.Bear in mind that different brands do have different textures,see that you try them out to know if they are strong enough to cast.You can try this out too,that is you hook baits using super glue to gum the pellet into the shank.

As soon as you feed the carp,make the comfortable around the bait.This give you the opportunity since they don't feel picky.This strategy is useful for zig rigs.

In their feeding mood,cast the bait but ensure not to drop the bait directly into the feeding carp.Being away from the feeding area,then gradually draw it in position.As long as the bait is still hanging,keep the food coming in so to get the cap hooked form leaving.

How To set up the bait

Use the hair rig as this increases the chances of catching the carp.They tend to taste food first,if they don't like the taste,they leave the bait.

You can as well use a spider line,50lbs test and use then a leader material that suits the situation.

Make the threading bait on the baiting needle and hook the hair loop.You can as well use foamed dipped in a flavor as this add pep to the attractiveness of the bait.

The baiting needle need to be straightened as along shank hook.slide the bait on the shank,then slide the bait from the needle to the hair.

You can make use of float as it adds weight for additional distancing and location can be easily identified.

Remember the controller float rig. You can use a leader that can be attached to the swivel to its mainline at least 3 feet length with 10lbs Drennan double strength. Using a low diameter mono is good enough as long as it floats well enough for visibility.

fishing gurus said that it is not the bait that get the carp but the method applied when using the bait.You need to pre-bait daily,at a particular spot for a few days.What this does is to deceive the carp to think that there is regular food for them.Before you know it,there will big school of fish around.All you need is a patience and it will all go on well.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Best Fishing Lures For Great Fishing Adventures

The development of the fishing gear and its accessories as well as the bass fishing industry has brought about the development of different kinds of lures that are particularly used for different fish species.

They come in many kinds or types and they all depend on the type of fish that work fore them.There are many that work for some specific types of fish while some work for a large type of species.

Some of the Lure used for fishing are;

Light standard casting lures

The standard casting lures do attract a wide range of fish varieties such as alba core,bluefish,Bonita,oho and crappies.They do work well for some specific species of bass fish and they are excellent when used to retrieve from water that is at low to medium speed.They cut through the water stealthily with synthetic material.

They have sizes that are great for lightweight fish and some other fresh water ranges form 1/16oz. to 3 oz.

They are designed with a hand painted eye that seduces schooling of fish.This enables it trap the target fish in water.

Heavy standard casting lures

Heavy standard casting lures are great for some heavy fish such as walleye and bass.For lightweight lures,they are used more often but the heavy one do a more reliable job.

Also,the heavy standard lures can catch fish than diamond or light standard casting lures do.

Long Casting/Jigging Lures

this is the more common among the fishing lures.they are long,tapered jigging lures.It is commonly used in fishing by anglers in Florida,Mississippi and Louisiana.

not too long ago,it was discovered that the casting lures works well for catching trout and pike.they also are very good in catching stripers and bluefish as well as tuna and walleye in a jiffy.

Deadly Diamond Lures

They are rank as one of the smallest in sizes.They come in 1/8 to1 oz.they seamlessly enticed fish and could form school of fish in a minute.

This is because it is designed in a such a way that it lies on its structural surface formation and cut. The top handle is cut in diamond like form and it brings about reflection of light striking the surface.The diamond lures are the best of them all in fishing for bass fish varieties,crappie and strippers.Though,they work well on small species of fishes too.

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