Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hoover steamvac with clean surge f5914-900-Why You Need This Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Housekeeping has always been a problem especially if your floor is covered with carpet. Cleaning your carpet takes time and energy. It takes time and effort to vacuum the dirt and remove the stains on it. Good thing the Hoover Carpet Cleaner is available. Getting a thorough clean just got easier with this carpet shampooer. Here are 5 reasons why you need to have your own Hoover Steam Carpet Cleaner now:

Features Of Hoover Steamvac F5914-900

  • Powerful 12-amp motor; deep cleans with hot tap water and carpet solution
  • Five spinning/scrubbing brushes clean carpets, upholstery, and bare floors
  • Clean Surge feature gives extra burst of cleaning solution for spots or stains
  • Two water tanks separate clean and dirty water
  • Brush rotation indicator; 8-foot hose; 1-year warranty

Hoover steamvac with clean surge f5914-900

It has a convenient switch which you can easily press when you want to start or stop using the appliance. The control switch can be easily activated with the push of the finger so this gives you control on how much pressure or solution can be applied to the carpet for cleaning. The Hoover steamvac f5914-900 cord is also long so you can go around the house without transferring the plug from one place to another.

Hoover Steamvac Clean surge is very easy to clean. You don’t have to ask for help just to pull out the cleaning tank.,all is stated step by step both in its 40 page manual. By just one push on the lever, the tank can be easily lifted out. This makes the cleaning of the extraction tank very easy and fast.

Another great feature of this Hoover deep cleaning steamvac f5914-900 is its power of extraction. It can remove stains, dirt, dust and pests (if there are any) without repeating the action again and again. By just one sweep of this vacuum, your floor areas will be safe and clean in an instant.

It’s easy to maintain the Hoover steamvac clean surge because you can clean and repair the vacuum all by yourself. By just following the instructions and by using compatible accessories and cleaning solutions, you can use you this vacuum cleaner for years.

Price matters a lot and Hoover steamvac f5914-900 is one of the best brands on the market. They provide quality at an affordable price. There are high-end vacuum cleaners that are heavy duty but then the price is very costly. For simple living and for those who have just started to live on their own, Hoover Steamvac Carpet Cleaner is recommended because it is very budget friendly.

Downside of Hoover Steamvac with clean surge
  1. It leaks if not set up properly. This is due to the fact that the Quick Assembly Guide or 40 page manual if not thoroughly read and understood ,one could mix up the setting up.I think the 4-6 page of the 40-page manual is better understood than the pictorial guide.
  2. Though it goes by the name steamvac,it has no steam in it. You better boil your water hot to get the best cleaning.
  3. Heavily soiled or greasy area might not clean easily except you pre-treat that area before the actual use of Hoover steamvac clean surge.
  4. Its receptacle is no as big enough because when vacuuming up water,it fills up quickly and you have to refill sooner than you thought.

Thumbs up For Hoover Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge
  1. It dries carpet thoroughly. You can know if it is dry enough by cleaning on barefoot as this enable you know which area is warm or wet in order to get it dry properly.
  2. Hoover steamvac has clear plastic in the front which enables you see when you are
  3. vacuuming up water.

Why do you have to look for other hoover carpet cleaners when you have Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914-900
that can answer your carpet cleaning needs? The Hoover steamvac brand is a good place to start. If you want to combine quality at a practical cost, then this carpet cleaner is just what you need.

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