Friday, November 25, 2011

Basic Carp Fishing Pointers

It could be frustrating carp fishing but is the more interesting.Carp are such a fish that knows how to suck in and blow out suspicious baits.You get excited to see how in a split second as you hang for dear life while the reel trembles with a loud noise.

Carp is good at eating voraciously on the surface as long as you keep the pellets,biscuits,chic peas,bread and re-hydrated corn dangling before them.These baits are not expensive to get at all.You have to attached them to the hooks especially the bread.Let the biscuits be softened by dipping it in water at least 2 minutes then you put them in a sealed sandwich bag for at least one hour.Bear in mind that different brands do have different textures,see that you try them out to know if they are strong enough to cast.You can try this out too,that is you hook baits using super glue to gum the pellet into the shank.

As soon as you feed the carp,make the comfortable around the bait.This give you the opportunity since they don't feel picky.This strategy is useful for zig rigs.

In their feeding mood,cast the bait but ensure not to drop the bait directly into the feeding carp.Being away from the feeding area,then gradually draw it in position.As long as the bait is still hanging,keep the food coming in so to get the cap hooked form leaving.

How To set up the bait

Use the hair rig as this increases the chances of catching the carp.They tend to taste food first,if they don't like the taste,they leave the bait.

You can as well use a spider line,50lbs test and use then a leader material that suits the situation.

Make the threading bait on the baiting needle and hook the hair loop.You can as well use foamed dipped in a flavor as this add pep to the attractiveness of the bait.

The baiting needle need to be straightened as along shank hook.slide the bait on the shank,then slide the bait from the needle to the hair.

You can make use of float as it adds weight for additional distancing and location can be easily identified.

Remember the controller float rig. You can use a leader that can be attached to the swivel to its mainline at least 3 feet length with 10lbs Drennan double strength. Using a low diameter mono is good enough as long as it floats well enough for visibility.

fishing gurus said that it is not the bait that get the carp but the method applied when using the bait.You need to pre-bait daily,at a particular spot for a few days.What this does is to deceive the carp to think that there is regular food for them.Before you know it,there will big school of fish around.All you need is a patience and it will all go on well.


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