Thursday, November 24, 2011

Best Fishing Lures For Great Fishing Adventures

The development of the fishing gear and its accessories as well as the bass fishing industry has brought about the development of different kinds of lures that are particularly used for different fish species.

They come in many kinds or types and they all depend on the type of fish that work fore them.There are many that work for some specific types of fish while some work for a large type of species.

Some of the Lure used for fishing are;

Light standard casting lures

The standard casting lures do attract a wide range of fish varieties such as alba core,bluefish,Bonita,oho and crappies.They do work well for some specific species of bass fish and they are excellent when used to retrieve from water that is at low to medium speed.They cut through the water stealthily with synthetic material.

They have sizes that are great for lightweight fish and some other fresh water ranges form 1/16oz. to 3 oz.

They are designed with a hand painted eye that seduces schooling of fish.This enables it trap the target fish in water.

Heavy standard casting lures

Heavy standard casting lures are great for some heavy fish such as walleye and bass.For lightweight lures,they are used more often but the heavy one do a more reliable job.

Also,the heavy standard lures can catch fish than diamond or light standard casting lures do.

Long Casting/Jigging Lures

this is the more common among the fishing lures.they are long,tapered jigging lures.It is commonly used in fishing by anglers in Florida,Mississippi and Louisiana.

not too long ago,it was discovered that the casting lures works well for catching trout and pike.they also are very good in catching stripers and bluefish as well as tuna and walleye in a jiffy.

Deadly Diamond Lures

They are rank as one of the smallest in sizes.They come in 1/8 to1 oz.they seamlessly enticed fish and could form school of fish in a minute.

This is because it is designed in a such a way that it lies on its structural surface formation and cut. The top handle is cut in diamond like form and it brings about reflection of light striking the surface.The diamond lures are the best of them all in fishing for bass fish varieties,crappie and strippers.Though,they work well on small species of fishes too.

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