Thursday, November 10, 2011

Farmer In Florida-Reviving The Farming Culture

The word 'farmer' brings to us the images of tractors,ploughs and large arable land,living in a rural setting with a host of other associated imagery.T many people,farming is nothing but growing and harvesting of crops.However,farming should just be limited to the big arable land,we can start right at our backyard.If you live in Florida,you can become a farmer in Florida,growing crops right at your yard.

In the 20th century after the world war,many families begin to take to having a garden as a source of food because of the grueling shortage of food after the war.This propelled farmers to crop up in Florida,who started growing crops like potatoes,salads, and other staple veggies.

In recent times the modern fast pace society has rubbed off many that they have abandoned farming,which s not good at all for the economy at large.Many drifted into the cities for white or blue collar jobs leaving the rural area.While some other took up these rural lands and turned into something else. If you stay in Florida,farmers in Florida has to pick up their boots and get back on the tractor,ridgers and harvesters and get farming.

Even if you live in the urban areas,you can be the farmer in Florida that make use of the s[pace at your yard in growing food crops that can be sufficient for you and the family.Farming in the rural area give room to a large scale farming,allows for crop rotation,self fertilization but this could not be done if you have a small garden in the urban setting.

You can take advantage of the space you have and launch into small scale framing right in your backyard.We need to as farmer in Florida help contribute to the food production around us as it is dwindling by the day due to farming abandonment.

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