Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spinning Rods:Useful Tips For Choosing The Spinning Rods

For starters or beginners in the fishing business,it is ideal you start with the spinning rods.It is versatile which can be used to catch different kind of fish in any type of water.For the pro,who wants to catch salmon,trout or perch,a spinning rod is just the right rod for you.

If you then want to get a spinning rod,these are the things you should look for;

1.Easy To Use

It is wise you choose an easy to use spinning rod in order to use it with either cold or wet hands.if you have a tough time not getting it fit your hand properly,you can never find it easy using it for fishing.get the ones with cork handles as they provide the support and comfort you need.


The spinning rods is made from materials just like the fishing rods.If it will be one that will be used frequently,it is ideal you spend some extra amount in getting the spinning rod that is the lightest.You can then use to cast will minimal effort and find it fun to used more often.So,don't buy a rod that will not be convenient for you.so you won't waste your money.


The right spinning rod will have the right length that will be suitable for the location you plan to fish.If it will be a large stream,you will need a longer rod of about 9-10 feet long.If you buy a longer rod will enable you do your casting better.If it is narrow stream,then you can buy a shorter and manageable spinning rod.


The kind of fish that you will catch will determine the right rod that you should get.An spinning rod that has a light line will be okay for catching small trout while a medium line rod will be right for larger trout.In you are hunting for salmon,and other larger fish you should get a medium or heavy line.The rod you get will determine the sort of line to use it for.Ensure that the kind of rod you get is the one that is appropriate for your fishing expedition.


In case you are casting light lures,then a spinning rod will a slow action;that flexes the whole of the length of the rod.If the rod is tough,it won't flex and it will be hard throwing the lure instead of letting the rod do it by its own accord.A spinning rod that bends in the middle like the medium action rod is the best for any angler to use.It can handle different weights and sizes of lines and you can have more control when you are catching heavier fish.

You now know what the spinning rods can do and what you should look out for before you buy one.

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