Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why You Need The Good Old Shakesperean Fishing Rods

The Shakespeare fishing rods has been in existence since the i6th century.it is not an exaggeration that not many fishing rod can be said to have existed this long.The Shakespeare ugly stiks make his entrance into the market in 1976.They became an household name in the fishing industry in the mid'80s.It is now known as the most popular rod this time around.

Why is it one of the best of the fishing rod?

The answer is not far-fetched as the Shakespeare fishing rods is well known as the strongest and sensitive fishing rod.If you have sen any of the adverts about these rods,it was shown how many attempt were made to break the rods but it wouldn't.Indeed,the rod is very strong and difficult to break.This ugly stik rod is just great in terms of strength as well as sensitive to feel every bite.its toughest makes it last long for at least 20 years.

I have been using an ugly stik rod since the '80s and i'm still using it till date.Then i could remember i bought for $50 and could last this 20 years and still counting.Can one get such fishing rod at that price now?

For an professional angler who has done any shopping for fishing rod,you will find out that the big brand in fishing rod which is of high quality doesn't cost less than $100.But i found out that most of them are no better than the Shakespearean fishing rods.However,the amount you spend on any fishing rod will determine the kind of rod that you will have.That is why for the best quality of fishing rod is the ugly stik.

There are quite a number of Shakespearean fishing rod variety.You have the option of choosing that which suits you. There are rods made for children,women,beginners,professional.

Undoubtedly,the Shakespearean ugly stik is the best rod in fishing.

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