Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How To Decorate Fishing Christmas Ornaments Using Fishing Line

This Christmas if you are looking for Christmas fishing ornaments that will add more color to the excitement of the season,Fishing Ornaments Personalized for Christmas or Wall Decor might just be what you should buy.

You can use this to decorate your home this holiday in a different places.You can suspend then from a rod over a long dinning room table,cluster them under a chandelier or let to dangle in front of a winter window to reflect natural light.if you hang it on fishing line,the ornaments do seems as if it is floating in the air.

How to Set up Your Christmas fishing ornaments

1.You buy a fishing line that has a high knot strength.A 30 pound line is okay a slong as it has low stretch that do support the ornaments.

2.You should decide if you would be hanging all the ornaments at the same height or different heights as well how its size will be.decide as well if you will be hanging the Christmas fishing ornaments directly from individual hooks,from an existing light fixture or shelf or install a separate grid or bar.

3.Mount the hook to hang the fishing ornaments.if the hanging will be for individual ornaments from under the shelf side in front of a window or directly from the ceiling,using a small cup hook will give the right support.If it is from a bar or grid above a table or buffet,make the position at the right number of hooks to suspend the weight of the bar or grid.Hang the bar or grid from the hooks,using the proper hardware.You can use chains to suspend from the ceiling.

4.Ensure you know the distance from the hook or grid to where you want each fishing Christmas ornaments to hang.Make each measurement twice and add three inches and cut fishing lines.By cutting the lines,this makes it easy to place the ornaments if you cut in the shortest length depending on the amount you need.Then hang them and go to the next one.

5.Thread the cut length of fishing line through the loop at the top of the ornament and pull through to the center of the line.Do tie a tight double knot to make the line to the ornament firm.

6.If you are hanging the Christmas fishing ornaments from a hook,tie the two ends of the line together measuring about 3 inches from the ends.then tie the knots.Add a drop of glue to keep it firm.

If you want to hang from a chandelier,bar or grid,wrap the both ends of the fishing line around the ornaments and tie them together.tie the second knot and add some glue to keep it firm.

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