Monday, December 19, 2011

How To Hillbilly Hand Fishing The Right Way

Hillbilly Hand fishing

Are you a lover of adventure and you like trying out some new or daring stuff,why not test your courage and sense of adventure in hillbilly hand fishing.A least it is a break from the normal fishing rod,dorky fish traps,packs with baits and you are sure ready for a real adventure.

If you interested in hand fishing or the noodling per se,you need to take the following steps;

1. Ensure that noodling is legal in your state.This might be a sort of handicap but it worth checking out if it a legal thing to do noodling in your state.for states like Kentucky,Louisiana,Mississippi,Oklahoma,Alabama,Georgia to mention a few,it is legal to do noodling.

2.Make sure you are prepare for it.That is you need to have all the things you need ready.the lists of things you should have are:
*A flat-bottomed john boat that is resistant to easy tip.They come in wood or aluminum material and have some flat seats in them
  • *Have a tight fitting leather gloves to protect your hands as much as possible form the teeth of the fish.
  • *Put on some old ragged clothes but not the heavy type because of water logging.
  • * A pair of old canvas sneakers for your feet this is because they might get bitten by the fish.
  • * Along stick you can use to poke the river or stream bottom to check for holes.
  • * Have a few sandbags or rocks in order to block off escape routes for the catfish once you discovered their nesting location.
  • * Rope for your spotters to thread your catch as soon as you throw into the boat.
  • * Have a first aid kits

However,hillbillies don't need all these stuff,a friend by their side will suffice.

3. Locate the right place where it is shallow.if the water reaches over your head,it is almost impossible to get the fish out of its nest and you could drown if not careful about it.

4.Ten it time you dip yourself into the water and start looking for holes. catfish are clever creatures that make their nest in safe places.they do this during the spawning season,that is around the spring and summer time when the temp is about 70 degree Fahrenheit.At this temp, you are likely to catch the catfish in their can find them inside submerged logs,fallen trees and under rocks.

5.As soon as you locate the right spot,you will have to block off any possible route of escape using rocks or sandbags or your noodling friends.

6. First test the hole by poking it with stick.If you are an expert in noodling,you can feel the difference between a catfish,snake or turtle.I'm sure you wouldn't want to grab these other two because they might bite your finger off in one chomp and the snake bit might be really dangerous.

7.If you sense it is a catfish,then jam your hand inside the hole.You can either do this by putting your head under the water or you may take a deep breath and submerge yourself.Now wiggle your fingers,play the dummy as a bait and let the catfish have a good bite on your hand.

Some catfish will instantly clam on your whole arm while others might just nip at it.if the fish don't clench your hand,then pull one its mouth to get a good wiggle your fingers to work into the fish's gill cover.

8.Now that you got it,drag the fish to the water this stage your noodling friends come in.It may be difficult to drag an 80 pound sea creature out of water when you have no one to help out as you could drown doing this yourself.

9. you may just release the fish after the tussle of catching might show your sensitive side by allowing the catfish go back to its eggs as they might not yet be developed and hatch without their releasing you give them the chance to live mate and reproduce.

10.You are the have just proven that you are a real hillbilly hand fisher.

If you really want to get the best of hillbilly hand fishing videos,click the image below:

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