Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Top 2 Strategic Guides For WOW Fishing

The paramount goal of everyone who love the WOW fishing is to be level fast or go a bit slower in order to make more gold.Whichever way you play the game as long as you know where to go to do the best fishing,it is just right for both leveling and making gold.This WOW fishing guide is will show you how to level up right to 225 artisan.

One can not really say how long your leveling may be before you make gold but just know it will take you a few extra hours.In addition,cooked fish do sell for more gold so you might consider that as the cooking profession complement the fishing profession. It is advisable you train for both simultaneously.

The WOW fishing guide is for those who are the journeymen.

For the master WOW fishing,you will have to travel to one of the three oases at the order to get to this master level you would have be at 75 as a journeyman.At this skill level,you can catch less junk and more fish.You should look out for Deviate fish at this stage. Using the shiny Bauble lure is great until you get to level 75.this enables you catch less junk.

At the Barrens level,there are 2 fishing strategies you can employ.You first fish in the Wailing Caverns.There are about 30% Deviate fish here and you have to be at level faster because you won't have to move around.It is a place for good cover for Alliance players who will need to be very careful since you are in Horde territory.

The second strategy will enable you catch 80% Deviate fish instead of the 30% using the first strategy.This will make you more gold.You can employ this strategy by fishing in one of the oases.The disadvantage though is that it will take almost twice as long to level because you will have to move around.

The Expert and Artisan level.

For you to reach the Expert level which is 125-150 or the Artisan which is 200-225,you will need the help pf a fishing trainer.You then have to leave the Barren for the Stranglethorn Vale if you are an Alliance player. Get Myizz Luckycatch as trainer in Booty Bay. If you are playing Horde,you will need to move to the southern coast of Durotar and get Lau'tiki as trainer right at the Durotar southern coast.Mind you, you can use the same trainer as the Alliance but the one in Durotar is closer.

Reaching the Grand Master level is beyond the scope of this piece but you may find some good guides that has maps to the best fishing spots.

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