Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Bass Fishing-Sure Tips For Fishing In Winter

If you are an expert angler and a success in the trade,you would have caught many fishes in the spring and summer time.Now is the time to venture into fishing in the winter period.You will have to know the spot to choose and where you can get fishes waiting to be caught.How about picking your spot and casting your line and wait for it to get a tantalizing bass fish,yet you caught nothing. At the end of the day, you go home sad and upset all because you never know how to do bass fishing in winter.

The big mouth or call it the large mouth bass do go through tow major changes in the winter:
  • Epilimniom
  • Metabolism

The epiliniom is the depth which the bass wiggle around at five feet deep in the spring and summer times.When the weather get cold,it goes deeper 10 feet or more.The bass wiggle around at 10n feet and near any edifice they can find.this is because at this time it needs a suitable medium of oxygen and warmth and this it can get at 10 feet deep.

For metabolism,the largemouth bass changes in metabolic condition.When the water get cold,the fish becomes lethargic and will not be able to travel for in search for food in this condition.So,it then stays at a particular place for a long time and soon get used to that environment.Consequently,the fishing method changes. your casting movement as to be slow as being quick will alarm him and the bass fish wouldn't get near the bait.

Also,you need to change the lure method too.You will have to use soft plastic lures or jig-style smoke-don't use neon colors though.Winter is a dull and gray as well as the food source. so,here are tips of what you have to do in winter when bass fishing:


  • They are found at a 10 deep in the water
  • Use slow retrieval method
  • Make use of non neon soft plastic lures
  • make use of jig-style rig or split shot style
  • Fishing at warmer times can help the are at which the fish get near the bait.

It is noteworthy that there are very different ways of fishing from the spring and summer you enjoyed thoroughly. You should know that fishes survive near freezing temperature in all rivers or lakes in winter.Their hovering at 10 feet deep make it easier to catch and if sustained,you then make sure that the lure seems to be floating idly.Don't be too quick as the largemouth bass will not go after any bait at that pace.This is because it will require much energy it doesn't have at that time.

Keep this tips because they are just valuable winter bass fishing tips that would help you have a great fishing time during the elusive winter months.

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